Villa Grimelli

Wine Vinegars

Where tradition feels like home

For over 120 years, we’ve been producing the finest Italian Vinegars using the same time honored family traditions. Our aged wine vinegars start their life as the finest Italian wines, each selected by its ability to echo the unique characteristics of Italy’s climate and fertile soil.
The selected wines are expertly blended and aged for a minimum of 12 months, to obtain a softer mouthfeel and rich, round taste. The wine is then naturally fermented over the next 6 months, resulting in the perfect balance of acidity and delicate fruit taste.

Red Vine Vinegar. This Wine Vinegar is made from the finest selecetion of Italian wine. Brillant in color with a pronounced yet mild aroma and delicate taste, this vinegar adds a wonderful flavor to saladswarm vegatablesgrains and beans.

White Wine Vinegar. It is made from the finest selection of Italian wine. Brilliantly clear and golden in color with a pronunced yet mild aroma and delicate taste, this vinegar adds a wonderful flavor to salads, warm vegetables, grains and beans.

This Apple Cider Vinegar is made from completely natural fermentation. Apple juice, pressed from hand selected whole apples, is slowly and naturally turned into cider, which is then fermented to vinegar. This Vinegar is perfect for marinadesvinaigretteschutneys and dressing salads.